Sunday, July 21, 2013

How an Agent Markets Your Home

Experienced agents like Susan Horak understand how to accurately price your home and make it stand out in the market. Susan is a master at CMAs (Comparative/Competitive Market Analysis).  When she sits down at your kitchen table she brings with her all the numbers you need so that she isn't just pricing your home, she is teaching you how to price it for today's market. Together you will find the right price and you will know the strategy behind that price.
Re/Max agents also have access to a vast referral network, enabling them to connect with potential buyers across town or around the world.
Here are a few avenues RE/MAX agents like Susan Horak may use to market your home, both online and off. Susan prides herself on having the most extensive marketing in town and Re/Max is a great part of that.

Multiple photos: Studies show that buyers are more likely to visit a home that includes multiple photos of the listing. Well-lit, wide-angled photos highlight your home's best features and important rooms.  Susan has a Graphics Staff of three degreed designers with tons of photography and design experience to market your home.  They hit your home like a swat team, taking hundreds of photos, videos, and drawing a detailed floorplan to give the potential buyer the fullest picture of your home possible before they even walk through the door. 
Designated website: A customized website for your home is an effective online marketing strategy. It can showcase your home with photos, virtual tours or videos, and details about the property and surrounding neighborhood. Check out to see the most extensive RealEstate website in town.  Susan's graphics staff is a full time, in house team that build and manage the website from the code up. This means if there is ever an issue you don't like about how your home is being presented, it can be taken care of while you are on the phone speaking with the designer rather than three days later after an agent gets the time to make a call to their out of town design and hosting service. Listings on are all given their own individual web page with tons of photos, a floorplan, all the information you might find on a MLS data page, lots of descriptive ad copy, a youtube video tour, and a beautiful digital brochure.  

Virtual tours: Video tours can be posted with or without a designated property website. Giving buyers an inside look at your property online can get them interested enough to schedule a showing. The Susan Horak group uses YouTube videos and virtual tours posted not only on our website but on every website we can get to: Trulia, Zillow,, FlexMLS,, ect.
Home search websites: More than 75 percent of buyers start their home search online. It’s important that your listing receives full exposure in the MLS and in search engine results. Posting your listing on Craigslist, Facebook, newspaper websites and elsewhere can also be effective in reaching potential buyers. Susan has an amazing online presence with featured listings on Trulia, Zillow,, and  She also has a great social media presence where see features her listings. Susan's website has a portal into the Columbia market where you can search all listings in the Columbia area. She also included a search function on her Facebook so that people can interact with the market through websites they are comfortable with and use regularly. The internet age is about making information as accessible as possible and that is our highest goal in marketing. All RE/MAX listings (as well as listings from other companies) appear on, where millions of buyers browse for homes and see listings with multiple photos, property descriptions and other details.
The RE/MAX network: Another advantage of choosing RE/MAX is direct access to a network of nearly 90,000 RE/MAX agents around the world, many of them working with motivated buyers.

The RE/MAX yard sign: The RE/MAX Balloon is among the most recognized logos across all industries, not just real estate. A RE/MAX yard sign in front of your house makes an immediate, positive connection with potential buyers who already know the brand.


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