Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Susan Horak Group Graphics team Difference!

When you list your home with Susan, you get not only the expertise and knowledge of her Real Estate team, but also a dedicated and professional graphics department.  Susan’s graphics team is comprised of degreed graphic designers who are committed to presenting your home to the market with its best foot forward.  Once your home is on the market (or even before!), you can expect a phone call from the graphics team to set up an appointment at your property to get the ball rolling. 

Once her graphics team arrives at your home, they immediately get to work taking measurements and creating a floor plan.  No detail is too small and no feature goes unnoticed;   everything is notated, from the depth of each closet to the precise location of that kitchen island.  Exact dimensions are taken of each room, providing a powerful planning tool to potential buyers.  

After the floor plan is complete, the graphics team gets to work taking hundreds of photographs using professional caliber, high definition cameras.  Multiple photos are taken of each room and from every angle, with special attention given to highlighting unique or otherwise noteworthy features.  All the while, the graphics team is taking detailed notes for the ad copy that will accompany your home in all aspects of its marketing.  After the home has been thoroughly photographed, the appointment is finished; but that’s just the beginning for Susan’s graphics team.

The team immediately gets to work processing and editing the photographs.  On average, they will leave your home with around 500 raw photographs.  After careful consideration of the merit and relevance of each individual photograph, that original 500 is pared down to around 60 of the best.  The work doesn’t stop there!  The photos are carefully edited and re-touched using professional grade software to ensure the best possible presentation.  The graphics team prides itself on its speed and efficacy; all of your photos will be uploaded into the MLS system and onto Susan’s website within one business day of the graphics appointment. 

Writing a detailed description of your property comes next.  Gone are the days of the cheesy, overly-generalized, two-line home descriptions that could apply to any number of properties.  Our ad copy walks potential buyers through the floor plan, outlining important features and being as descriptive as possible.

After the photos are edited and the ad copy is prepared, the graphics team gets to work designing a unique brochure for your home.  These brochures are not only loaded with tons of detailed information, but they are also made with careful aesthetic consideration.  They are as informative as they are beautiful!  Two versions of the brochure are created, one formatted for online use and another for print.  This ensures that the document has the maximum potential impact, reaching buyers from all over the internet, as well as the interested party who pulls over to grab a brochure from the box on your yard sign.

Your home is then featured on Susan’s website, where it will have its own custom page.   This page features your home’s photoset, the floor plan, web brochure, virtual tour, the ad copy, as well as a table of features and details.  Susan’s webpage is also fully integrated with google maps, and your home is added to the interactive map on the main page.   Finally, once all of your marketing materials have gone live on the web, we compile all of that information into a customized seller’s portal.  You will be able to log in to your portal using a username and password provided by the graphics department.  This seller’s portal allows you to check out your virtual tour, web brochure, the most recent blog post about your home, and to see how your property looks all over the web.

Susan’s graphics department works hard to make your home shine, and they are constantly brainstorming innovative ways to improve the scope of her marketing.  If you’re interested in learning more about how our team can help sell your property, call Susan Horak today! 


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