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13 things to NOT do when selling your home

If you are thinking of selling your house in the near future then you will want to read this! You may be aware of what you should be focusing on, but do you know what things may be hindering your sale? The 13 things identified in this list are some of the worst offenders.

Obviously, you will be wanting to do as much as you can to help get your home sold asap so you can move on and start fresh in a new home. Here are a few of tips of what NOT to do when selling, as this is just as vital to know as what you should do.

1. Don’t show day to day life- Moving house is all about imagining what life will be like somewhere else so the last thing you want to show them is that life is exactly the same in your house as it is in theirs! Make your beds, clean up any clutter you can trip on, close all cupboards and drawers, and make sure unnecessary items are stored away.

2. Don’t leave red flags showing- If you have anything on show that looks like it needs fixing, or looks to involve work and/or money to make right, you are leaving yourself open for lower offers or no offers from potential buyers.

3.Don’t be Negative- If you do the viewings yourself, never be negative about your home. Never apologize for things and let the buyer make their own mind up about everything. Above all, never give a negative reason for why you are moving.

4. Don’t present your property badly- It’s critical that the first glimpse of your home makes a buyer want to see more. Ensure that your marketing photos are amazing, and just as crucial is that you make sure that the house looks the same as these photos for any viewings.

5. Don’t carpet your bathroom- Buyers need to see themselves using the space, and feeling good about it. Carpet holds water and dirt. Using an inexpensive linoleum creates a much cleaner and fresher look.

6. Don’t over personalize- Having so much of your personality on show will both distract the buyer from looking at the space available and could possibly make them feel uncomfortable invading your privacy. Try and make the buyers feel welcome and want to stay there, while visualizing themselves in the space. Keep a few key items on show, but pack away the rest ready for moving.

7. Don’t use garish colors for your d├ęcor- You should make it easy for your buyer to visualize their stuff in your home by neutralizing the decor. This doesn’t have to be boring, just pick softer versions of the colors you have already.

8. Don’t show clutter- The most used reason for moving house is that people need more space. If you show a home that looks cluttered or like it doesn’t have enough storage for you, then a buyer will think the same and simply move on to the next house on their list.

9. Don’t ignore the competition- When you are selling your home, you are competing with all other properties for sale in your price range, with a similar specification as yours. Take some time to look at the competition and make sure your home looks like the best value for the money.

10. Don’t hide value- If you have a blocked in fireplace or original tiles/floorboards, uncover them and fulfill your home's potential. Any of these things will add potential value to your property.

11. Don’t block light, or views- If you have net curtains or voiles, and a good view from your window, then take your nets down while selling the property. The room will automatically feel more modern, brighter, and spacious. These are all things that will add value to the house.

12. Don’t allow your pet to alienate your buyer- Some buyers won’t like animals, or may even be allergic to pets. If you have your dog/cat around during viewings (or if your home simply smells of animals), you may well alienate your buyer as soon as they walk through the door.

13. Don’t have wasted space- If a buyer sees this, they will see no reason for that space, and think of this as paying for space that’s not required. Always give your room a purpose and ensure that the buyer can see exactly what rooms can be used for.

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