Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Make Your Home Shine to Attract Buyers

by Molly Horak

The first impression is often the most important one when it comes to buying a new home. The purpose of staging is to itemize such that it becomes alluring to as many people as possible when shown to prospective buyers.

Staging is not the same as decorating; when you decorate your home you make choices that reflect your personal taste. Staging works to the opposite effect. Rather, it's about deciding how to best arrange and accent the home so that it shows and appeals to the broadest audience possible.

As the market becomes more and more competitive, staging becomes increasingly important. Where an empty house may require lots of staging to show the perspective buyer how furniture would interact with the space, an occupied home may need ‘empty-ing’ of personal items like family photos or items of a narrow appeal that would advertise the home to a niche audience.

See how much staging can do! We took a home in Harrisburg, Missouri and used staging to give the home a new look. The home was beautiful; incredible landscaping, great lines, and a pool. The only problem was that the home’s furniture and accent pieces were 30 years out of date. It only took one day, a few buckets of paint, and a little elbow grease to transform this country home into a Tuscan palace.  

Staging is a large part of marketing your home, and is something every home can benefit from. It can consist of changes ranging from minor renovations to clearing out a crowded room, or simply removing family pictures.


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